How far in advance should I schedule my estate sale?

Ideally we like two weeks to set up, price and do the 3 day sale. But also know that life happens and it needs to be done quick. If needed, we will do our best to work with your time schedule.


What do we do with the remaining items that did not sell?

Our hope is to sell all items but often there are items that just don’t sell. We do not have a warehouse, antique shop or resale shop we take them to. With your approval, we have a reputable charity company that comes and packs everything and takes it away. This leaves the house totally empty and clear of unsold items. This company we use treats every item with special care. We also give you the option of using a charity company of your choice. When items are donated, you will receive a donation form to write off on your taxes.


How much will it cost to have an estate sale?

We have a minimum and once that minimum is met, we work on a percentage based Commission. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


How soon after the sale do I expect to be paid for my share?

The sale ends on a Saturday and you will have a check on or before the next Saturday. We take the time to figure the sales and give you an accurate amount. When taking charges, we have to allow for them to process and this can take a couple days.


Does it cost anything for someone to come and evaluate our possessions?

There is never a charge to come and talk about what you have. We want to give you the best we have to offer and we feel first impressions say a lot.


What if I change my mind and decide not to follow through with the sale?

Once the contract is signed, you still have the option to back out, but if we have started work on the sale, then we would need to be reimbursed for what time we have spent on the sale.

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